In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, Breathe Easy Oxygen Services is here to support our beloved community.

Supplemental oxygen is a great first line of defense for all respiratory issues, including this novel virus. As it advances, the ability to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lining of the lungs is impaired. An oxygen concentrator does exactly what the name implies, it produces a higher concentration of oxygen which aids in gas exchange – even with temporarily compromised lung function.

One of the primary symptoms of respiratory issues and COVID-19 is shortness of breath, which is caused by impaired lung function described above. This can cause anxiety, not to mention undue physical stress on the body. Supplemental oxygen can alleviate difficulty of breathing, thereby reducing the subsequent anxiety. Even if you don’t acquire the novel coronavirus, and are suffering other cold-like symptoms, boosting your uptake of oxygen may accelerate your recovery. Please note that disposable cans of oxygen sold at grocery stores and pharmacies don’t contain enough oxygen to make a noticeable difference. Don’t bother.

We’re here to help. We have both portable and home units available for rent and purchase. As our healthcare facilities become more taxed (and they will), having measures in place at home could be very beneficial. Delivery is available and is done in a very safe and conscientious manner that respects all CDC recommendations.

Please CONTACT US with any questions.